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28 March 2015
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486 visits to this survey, 210 completed responses

This survey was member-generated. The goal is to uncover the relationship between lesbians, as it relates to attitudes and preferences about wealth and race as it relates to dating.

A whopping 90% of all 210 survey respondents state that a person’s ethnicity defines their character.

What are your dating preferences as they relate to race?

  • I prefer to date within my own race 11%
  • I am open to dating someone from another race, but I never have 40%
  • I have dated interracially and race was never an issue for us 43%
  • I have dated interracially, and racial differences proved to be a deal breaker for us 3%
  • I am not comfortable with the thought of interracial dating for myself 2%
  • I believe interracial dating is wrong <1%

Of white respondents (150 whites), 46% report being open to dating from another race, but have not and 35% state that they have dated interracially without issue. Only 3% of whites report being uncomfortable with the thought of interracial dating and 3% state they have and it was an issue, with one white woman stating she believes it is wrong.

Of Hispanic respondents (a total of 14 respondents), 14% are open to those from another race, 64% have dated interracially without an issue, and 14% state they dated interracially and it was a problem.

There were 4 Native American responses with 75% reporting they dated interracially without an issue.

There were 23 African American respondents with 9% preferring to date among their own race, 30% open to another race, but haven’t dated outside their race, 56% indicate they have dated interracially without issue, and 4% (just one woman) states she is uncomfortable with the thought of interracial dating.

Of Asian respondents (there were 6 total), 50% have dated interracially without issue, 33% are open but haven’t, and one woman prefers to date within her race.

Thirteen respondents identify as “other.” Of these women, 77% have dated interracially and have no issue. The remaining 3 women are open to it, but haven’t yet.

How important are material resources (good job, high income, nice house, car, etc.) when you pursue a new partner?

  • Extremely important (a deal breaker if she is lacking in income or material resources) <1%
  • Very important (prefer she is able to match or exceed my income) 7%
  • Somewhat important (just want her to pull her weight, even if not with money) 65%
  • Not important (I prefer to support her, so it’s not important) 7%
  • Irrelevant (not a variable I think about) 21%

Of note, 49% of those who indicated that income is irrelevant were between the ages of 18-24. Only 21% of 25-34 year olds think it’s irrelevant, and even less as respondents get older.

Seemingly, the older we are, the more important material resources are in partner preference.

What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed?

  •  Some high school, no diploma 5%
  • High school graduate or equivalent 20%
  • Some college, no degree 26%
  • Trade/Technical/Vocational Training 8%
  • Associate Degree 11%
  • Bachelor’s degree 17%
  • Masters degree 8%
  • Professioanl degree 1%
  • Doctorate degree 3%

 What is your age?

  • 18-24 45%
  • 25-34 17%
  • 35-44 16%
  • 45-54 14%
  • 55+ 8%

Employment Status

  • Employed for wages 42%
  • Self employed 9%
  • Out of work 13%
  • Out of work, not looking 1%
  • Homemaker 2%
  • Student 23%
  • Military 1%
  • Retired 5%
  • Unable to work 3%

 Ethnicity origin (race)

  •  White 71%
  • Hispanic or Latino 7%
  • Black or African American 11%
  • Native American / American Indiana 2%
  • Asian / Pacific Islander 3%
  • Other 6%



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