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Survey 5: Lesbians and Parenthood

SURVEY SUMMARY 153 Completed Responses Download this Report  Beliefs about Parenthood Survey participants were asked to state their beliefs about lesbians and parenthood.   […]

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  5 November 2013
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SURVEY 4: Stereotypes ~ TRUE OR FALSE

 PDF Report SURVEY SUMMARY 6 questions total 116 Completed Responses In this six-question survey, we explore common stereotypes of lesbians in search of what’s […]

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  15 October 2013
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SURVEY 3: Lesbian Turn-Ons and Turn-Offs

SURVEY SUMMARY download report pdf here 6 questions total 104 Completed Responses In this six-question survey, lesbians were asked to describe what turns them […]

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  1 October 2013
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Survey 2: Lesbian Relationships and Gender Roles

INTERESTING DISCOVERIES • 52% of lesbians prefer to date feminine lesbians, however, only 38% of lesbians in this survey report being more feminine • […]

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  17 September 2013
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SURVEY 1: How lesbian are you?

170 Completed Responses 3 questions total SURVEY SUMMARY The kick-off survey for this new adventure is designed to understand the various degrees of attraction […]

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  28 August 2013
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