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two-women-hiDo you want to glance inside of the wonderful world of lesbians? Created by imago relationship therapist and sexologist, Michele O’Mara, LCSW, PhD, (also known as thelesbiantherapist.com) – asklesbians.com is a place to ask lesbians anything you want (within reason).  This is a new and exciting information-gathering adventure that is designed to collect data from real live lesbians about real life issues.  The goal is to create short surveys (4-6 questions each) on topics related to life as a lesbian.

One of the challenges of being a lesbian is the feeling of isolation or aloneness.  Even when you know a handful of lesbians, it is sometimes difficult to get a good sense about the variety among lesbians in the world at large.  Through these surveys, it is my hope to create an expanded vision of the many, varied types of lovely, creative, interesting women in the world that happen to also be lesbian.

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